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Our Services

If you think you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, help is available.


You can reach the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Helpline by phone on 08000 198 668 or by text on 07534 617 252. They can provide discreet emotional and practical support.

You can also contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

If you are in immediate danger try to get to a safe part of the house or a safe place outside and call the police on 999.


Accommodation Services

Across Derbyshire there are various options for those who have no choice but to leave their homes as a result of abuse. We support people to leave safely, and we offer support to help them move on to more secure, long-term accommodation. Options include shared refuge, single properties, and spaces for families.

The Harmony Project
The Harmony Project is a specialist safe accommodation and targeted support service for young women aged 16-24 and their children. The project works with young women who are escaping abuse. We support them to improve their emotional health and wellbeing and work with them around their children’s practical needs.

Move-On Properties
We now have four stand-alone properties for young women who are moving on from refuge. We provide support to secure social housing and provide a stepping stone into an independent tenancy. This project also works with young women who resettle in their own tenancies in the local area.


The Harmony Project

This video was made by one of the young women at the project. It shows the refuge and talks about some of the support on offer.

The Harmony Project provides safe accommodation, refuge and intensive support to young women (aged 16-24), and their children, who are homeless as a result of relationship abuse, sexual exploitation and forced marriage. The refuge was the first in the country to focus on supporting this age group, who are the most vulnerable and at risk of serious harm. We deliver meaningful activities and group sessions within the project, aimed at keeping safe, supporting recovery and building resilience and self-esteem.


Adult Services

Community Outreach
We provide domestic abuse outreach support for adults living in the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales. We support adults to leave abusive relationships and empower them with emotional and practical help to keep safe. We offer support with housing, legal issues and recovery work.

We provide counselling and aftercare to survivors of domestic abuse and help them to improve their mental health. We focus on a healthy, safe future for all the family.

The Freedom Programme
The Freedom Programme is a 12-week course for women who have experienced domestic abuse. It provides a chance to make sense of your experiences and to heal with others who have experienced similar. We explore common attitudes and beliefs about domestic abuse and challenge some myths. 

Stalking Advocacy

Stalking is a pattern of fixated, obsessive and unwanted behaviour which is repeated and persistent, and causes you to feel alarm and distress, and/or fear violence.

Stalking is illegal and help is available to those experiencing this. Crossroads Derbyshire offer specialised stalking advocacy support for high-risk stalking cases and referrals are made to us by the police and remedi (Victim Support). 

Adult Community Services

Children & Young People

One-to-one support
Support for children who have experienced domestic abuse. We use specialist resources, craft and games to offer a safe and reassuring space where children and young people can talk about their experiences and understand they are never to blame. Specialist counselling is also available if appropriate.

Me2 Group Work
Using specialist resources, games and arts & crafts, we support children and young people to manage their safety and to recover and move on from experiences of domestic abuse.

Making Positive Choices
A programme for young people and their families, providing intensive, one-to-one support to children and young people in Derbyshire who are at risk of harming intimate partners, family members or their peers.

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We accept self referrals and those made by other professionals. To make a referral, please contact the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Helpline. 

Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Helpline:

Phone: 08000 198 668

Text: 07534 617 252

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