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Browse Safely

If you are worried about someone knowing you have visited this website please read the following safety information.


If you are in an abusive or controlling relationship, or if you think you might be, it is very important to make sure that the things you do online can't be tracked or found by someone else. Please read the following safety information for advice about keeping yourself safe online.

Exit Site Button

In case you need to leave quickly, the yellow Exit Site button at the top of each page will immediately take you to when clicked on, but you will still need to delete your history to fully cover your tracks...

Test it here:

If you are at risk, it's vital you remember to delete any information from the device you are using that could compromise your safety. In this case, this means deleting your browsing history so no one can see you've been on our site.

If possible, have another document, website or app open in a new tab or window. If you don’t want someone to see what you’re looking at, you can quickly switch.

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