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One to one support

Crossroads Derbyshire offers specialist domestic abuse services and one to one support.


What to expect

One to one support offers the opportunity to:

  • Talk confidentially to someone
  • Be heard without being judged or told what to do
  • Say things that no one else is willing or able to hear
  • Explore deep and sometimes confusing issues
  • Find new ways of looking at things
  • Find inner strengths

How it works

Each session lasts for roughly 50 minutes and you can agree the frequency with which you’ll meet. Initially the sessions may feel strange because it can take time to build up the trust necessary for you to share your feelings.


About the support workers

Support workers at Crossroads Derbyshire work in a safe and supportive way. They are bound by the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice. They undertake regular supervision, which is for your safety and protection.




Referral forms for agencies
I’m worried about a friend
I Need Help
My Support Worker has been amazing and listened to me about everything; she was very good with me and talked me through the rough times.
I just want to say the biggest thank you for everything you did with my son. I feel like I am finally on the way to having my little boy back – worry free!

If you or someone you know is affected by domestic abuse, Crossroads Derbyshire offers confidential advice and support in Glossop, the High Peak and the North Dales. If you need our help, or know someone who does, call us on 0800 0198 668.