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Service Users



“I could not have re-built such a great life for myself and my daughter without the support and friendship of my worker.”

“They do such an excellent job, I can’t think of anything more they could have done for me in my situation. I owe them so much.”

“I was worried I’d be seen as too trivial compared to most clients. Supportive and non-pressured advice helped me decide to move on and do what I needed to do.”

“I just want to say the biggest thank you for everything you did with my son. I feel like I am finally on the way to having my little boy back – worry free!”

“The support I am getting is very good.”

“My Support Worker has been amazing and listened to me about everything; she was very good with me and talked me through the rough times.”

“A brilliant service.”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you. We have just returned from a fantastic holiday and it’s the first time in years that I haven’t returned with the dreadful feeling that more problems and troubles are waiting. All of my family’s lives have been changed and without continued professional support from yourself and your colleagues I don’t allow myself to think where we would be now. Thank you seems an inadequate word to express how much I appreciate the help you gave me so I was strong enough to help my daughter.“

Harmony Project

“The staff have helped me with legal stuff also contacting solicitors, social workers etc. They have helped me by arranging counselling sessions which lasted a total of six weeks and this helped me an awful lot with controlling how my mood was.”

“The Support Worker was more than helpful; she ran miles to help me. I am really thankful she got a month’s rent in advance for me so that I could move in to my own house. I wouldn’t even have the house without the help of my Support Worker. She was constantly on the phone pushing people to help me.”

“I feel that this service has helped me tremendously with understanding the wrongs of domestic violence.”

“I feel I am ready to move and I am very excited but a little sad to be leaving.”

“It has done me really good being here, I have felt better being here it’s made me feel safe”

“I love the night staff they’re brilliant and they do good activities mostly our choice”

“I feel like I found the real me after staying in the refuge. Before I came here I felt I had no future, now I see a happy future”

“Most people just judge but not here”

“My support worker has made me feel more than welcome. Showed me I can handle things, gave me confidence again, showed me I can be happy and taught me a valuable lesson – never give up. I am the best Mum I can be and I’m pleased with my experience of staying at the women’s refuge”

Children and Young People’s Domestic Abuse Service

“I have really enjoyed seeing my worker every week, lots of love x x”

“We made lots of things and I learned a lot, thanks”

“There is always help in bad situations”

“I don’t worry as much, we talked about safety stuff”

“Things have changed for the better in my family”

“I got more confident with my feelings”

Women And Girls Safe (WAG-S)

“I really enjoyed this session because the Young Person’s Worker has helped me with my issues outside of the Group.”

“I think it was good we learnt things on relationships and health.”

“I liked doing everything and was good talking about relationships”

“It was really good because we had a laugh and talked about stuff, we did some activities. I want to come back again.”

“I think that this women’s group is a very helpful group as it has given me advice and a lot of information I didn’t know about.”

“I like this girls group as I can discuss things with the Young Person’s Worker that I can’t with other people and I find it very helpful.”

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If you or someone you know is affected by domestic abuse, Crossroads Derbyshire offers confidential advice and support in Glossop, the High Peak and the North Dales. If you need our help, or know someone who does, call us on 0800 0198 668.